The leading powder coating company in Daventry, Northampton, Banbury and the surrounding areas.

Powder coating is a high-quality finish found on thousands of products you come in contact with every day. Powder coating protects industrial machinery, household items you depend on daily and anything in between. It provides a more durable finish than liquid paints can offer, while still providing an attractive finish.

In addition to being durable, powder coating is an attractive choice due to environmental advantages. Powder coating is environmentally friendly, cost effective, and tough.

Powder coating is a widely used method within various industries, it can be applied to most metal surfaces. This means we can help anyone, from somebody looking to refurbish a domestic item to companies looking for powder coating needs all year round.

Industrial Powder Coating Specialists

What we offer

  • We have one of the biggest ovens in the area, enabling us to easily and promptly handle large batches and comfortably accommodate large items.
  • We can complete work quickly to suit your needs, same day can be available. Standard turnaround time is within 5 working days.
  • We can arrange collection and delivery of your items with a local courier service, if needed.
  • Huge selection of colours in stock.
  • We carry out visual quality inspections on all our coated items, for any imperfections so that you are left with a product to suit your needs.
  • We offer various packing arrangements to suit your items.
  • We can store completed work by arrangement for up to 2 weeks, please enquire.
  • We pride ourselves on customer service and are happy to assist and advise on your coating needs.
  • Whatever your requirements, our dedicated team look forward to assisting you.

Items we frequently work with

  • Fences, Gates, Handrails, Balustrades
  • Staircases – Stringers and Treads
  • Sports and Gym Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Steel Beams and Columns
  • Construction Equipment
  • Racking Beams
  • Car and Bike Wheels
  • Motorbike and Bicycle Frames
  • Other Automotive Items – Chassis Frames, Roll Cages, Subframes etc
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Office Furniture
  • Cast Iron Garden Furniture
  • Household Furniture
  • Cast Iron Radiators
  • Window and Door Frames
  • Metal Signage